Acrylic Techniques

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red and yellow impasto

This class focuses on the technicalities of painting with acrylic medium and incorporates a wide range of additives used for special effects.  You do not need to “be a painter” to learn about the paint and additives as we can use abstract subject matter to by-pass the “need to know”.  However, if you are an oil or watercolor painter, and want to explore the wide and wonderful world of acrylics, this class will be very helpful for you!  You will learn the medium before you spend the money buying acrylics, or spend the time trying to “figure it out as you go”.

Class is one-on-one in my studio in McKinney, Texas.  The first two sessions require a 2 hour minimum, each.  After that, you may schedule sessions of duration of your choice.  Receive a 10% discount for purchasing 10 hour packages, which you can use as your schedule permits.

Click on the Add to Cart link above, and add the number of hours you wish to purchase in the cart.  To schedule, call me or contact me here.