Artist’s Way References

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I am an open book.  Please.  Turn my pages.

If I were going to put myself under the influence of a teacher, I’d check references first!  Below are a few of the generous and kind things workshop attendees would like you to know about their experience with me.


“If you are reading this you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a Creative Living workshop with Debra Linker. I have had the pleasure to attend 3. Debra is a quiet cheerleader at heart. She takes great joy from coaxing others to find the creativity, power, potential and peace which lies within them. She is prepared, professional and knows the material inside and out but better than that she gets it and lives it. Debra knows how to create a safe comfortable environment to let amazing things that were once inside you bubble to the surface and come out. If you take a workshop with Debra Linker and have the faith and commitment to do what is asked of you, you will never be the same again.”

Jessi S. Bellevue, WA

“I had no idea what to expect when I committed myself to doing a Creative Living workshop with Debra. I didn’t think I had any creative ability. As she walked me thru the workshop, she gave me courage to do the work. She taught me to explore who I am, and I got to know myself so much more through the experience. Debra encouraged me to challenge my belief system about myself and to put my interests to the test. I would not have even been open to the idea that I could be creative before I took this workshop. The workshop was a true eye opener and discovery which I am more than excited about. It changed my life!”

Andrea Q. Redmond, WA
“Debra has the gift of helping people discover their own creativity. She has an amazing way of coaching people to discover their own strengths. She provides exceptional direction and guidance. She is kind and loving in her mentoring. She will inspire you to embrace these techniques with the way she lives the spiritual principles of creative recovery. ”

Tracy J. Seattle, WA