Classes & Workshops

Workshops are the fastest, easiest way to introduce yourself to a potentially life changing concept, to improve skill, and to have a built in support group as you initiate the changes you want in your life.  My workshops are spiritual and creative in nature, offering varying subject matter as the jumping off place.  One-on-one sessions are available if you would rather have a more private opportunity to discover who you are, what you want, or where you are going.


One-on-One Sessions

[wp_cart:One on One Session:price:$30:end]   One-on-one sessions are available if you want to learn to paint, quilt, or receive the benefits from any of the workshops I offer in a private, schedule-flexible, and pay-as-you-go manner.  The cost is $30 an hour with no long term commitment.  We’ll schedule one-on-one sessions for dates/times convenient for you, …

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